What Companies Employ Marriage and Family Counselors?

Marriage and family therapists help couples and families battle the problems that affects those involved, and the companies that employ marriage and family counselors are the same companies that hire other types of therapists. While you won’t often find many large corporations and companies calling on counselors for help, you will find a number of jobs available in the public and private sectors. Many of the top jobs in this field are available through hospitals and treatment centers, but you’ll also find jobs available through colleges and the government.

Hospitals and Medical Centers

According to U.S. News & World Report, marriage and family therapists make a median annual salary of $46,670 and that while the stress level reported by workers is high, the positions come with more flexibility. U.S. News & World Report also notes that while many therapists work in private practices, a large number also work in hospitals and other medical centers. Marriage and family therapists often work regular hours and are on call at unusual hours of the day and on holidays. Doctors call therapists for help when dealing with underage patients, those who show signs of abuse and those with mental problems.

Government Agencies

The Department of Veteran Affairs is one of several government agencies that employ marriage and family counselors. Developed as a way to assist those returning from war and those coming home from active duty, the Department of Veteran Affairs often helps former soldiers get assistance in the form of medical care, home loans and grants for college. As a counselor working for this department, you might help soldiers adjust to life back home and help their families and friends understand how they can help those soldiers cope with their new lives.

Colleges and Universities

Those teaching counseling at colleges and universities are licensed and practicing counselors or retired counselors. After completing an advanced degree and working in a private setting or a public company, you can apply for teaching positions. Many schools also hire working counselors on an adjunct basis, which means that those professors only teach one or two courses each semester. Local colleges may also have a need for marriage and family counselors capable of working with students in its counseling center. You’ll talk with married students and those with kids, but you’ll also work with students having problems on campus and those dealing with issues at home.

Treatment Centers

Though some might think that the only counselors working at substance abuse treatment facilities are those with a degree in substance abuse counseling, these centers also need marriage and family counselors. Patients recovering from addictions often need to make amends to their friends, family and others hurt by those addictions. You’ll lead family sessions, which let patients talk to their loved ones about the problems and issues they had. Some facilities also hire marriage and family counselors to lead group therapy sessions, which lets new patients learn from the more experienced patients in the group.

While many students choose to create their own private practices and work in office settings, other students enjoy getting a job with a public company or organization. You don’t need to worry about advertising your services or tracking down patients on your own when you look at companies that employ marriage and family counselors, including hospitals, treatment centers, colleges and government agencies.