How Do I Prepare for a Marriage and Family Licensing Exam?

If you have recently completed a master’s in marriage and family counseling, you are probably ready to prepare for licensing exam time. You have passed classes that teach much of the information that you’ll see on the test, but there are several factors that will play into your success on a marriage and family licensing exam. Here are some tips to help you properly prepare for and pass this test:

Get a Baseline

In your studies, you’ve learned that many research projects require a baseline analysis. Now is the time to get your own baseline in order to discover how prepared you are to take the licensing exam. Do this by taking a practice test. Resist the urge to study before taking this initial practice test. You want to analyze how much information you already know. Give yourself plenty of time to take the practice test, and make sure you take it in an environment similar to the one in which you will be taking the actual licensing exam.

Score and Analyze Your Practice Test

Once you’ve taken the practice test, score it. Then review the questions you missed. Check to see if there are specific areas of information or expertise that you need to review. Remember that a practice test won’t have the same questions as the actual exam. It will, however, cover the same topics, and the tone of the practice test will be similar to the licensing exam.

Study Weak Areas

Review information from your test, and focus on areas where you missed the most questions. It may help to review chapters from old textbooks or make flashcards to quiz yourself on information you don’t know well.

Take Another Practice Test

After spending a few days studying, take another practice test to prepare for licensing exam. Then score it. Are you still struggling with the same information? Are any other patterns emerging? Again, review the information on the test and study the questions you missed. Don’t be discouraged if you score lower on the second practice test than you did on the first. This happens often. Keep studying. In a few days, take another practice test and repeat the scoring and analysis process. Eventually, you will begin noticing patterns in the practice tests, and you will grow increasingly comfortable with the type of questions on the exam.

Right Before the Test

Once you’ve taken several practice tests and feel confident that you know the required material, you will be almost ready to take the test. Schedule to take your exam at a time when you will be able to arrive rested and mentally prepared. If you are a morning person, try to schedule a morning exam time. If it takes you a few hours and a couple cups of coffee to wake up each day, schedule your exam in the afternoon instead. The night before the test, don’t study. You’ve already done that preparation. Instead, relax and get a good night’s sleep to prepare for licensing exam. On the day of the test, eat right and avoid sugary soft drinks that can lead to a sugar crash during the test. Then head into the testing facility with confidence that you have what it takes to be a licensed marriage and family counselor. You’ve done the work in preparing. You’ll ace this.